Wednesday, December 21, 2005


This blog is exclusively a place for me to post the contents of my weekly e-newsletter [subversive underground] online.

These articles are written specifically for those 30 or so people who are subscribed to the newsletter.

My main blog is here: SUBVERSIVE1

Some of these e-news articles sent out on the list have already been published, or may become published, elsewhere. However, I will not publish the articles from the e-newsletter here, or anywhere else, before they are sent out on to those on the list, in order to keep the list subscription "special" and meaningful.

Some of these are thoughts in progress and may one day become full-fledged articles on either my blog or on another magazine or website. I'm also preparing a manuscript for a brand-new book and those on the newsletter will receive those chapters-in-progress directly. I will probably not post those online here until the book is actually published.

Here is our first e-newsletter (sent November 23rd, 2005).
welcome to the first edition of the subversive underground.

this is will be an email newsletter/stream of consciousness/random thoughts signal sent out at various times each week. i will not bombard you, i promise.

if you want off now, or at any time, just hit me back and say 'please remove' and I'll take you off, no questions asked.

sometimes i'll send out questions where i'd appreciate feedback, of course you're always free to hit reply and tell me what you think about anything i send at any time.

so, let's start by a definition of what it means to be subversive:
What is “Subversive”?- It’s a systematic overthrow of one system or power by those working from within.

Jesus came to announce that His Kingdom was coming, and that, even now, is available to all who know Him. This was the Gospel message.

Now we, the followers of Christ, are compelled to make a difference in the old order by working from within, changing one person at a time, advancing this new kingdom with every tool, talent and resource available.

This is what I hope to inspire. This is what I personally aspire to.

Just last night, while watching the semi-dreadful "American Music Awards" I had this thought: "No one gives a crap what we believe. Show us your convictions in the way you live, not in the words you speak."

I think this is one of the main reasons that I love working for Soul Survivor, because they're mantra is 'actions speak louder' and they operate from this assertion.

We have to stop pontificating. We have to begin to simply love, not just with words, but in action and in truth.

We have to question. We have to ask why. We have to be willing to take a chance, to risk for the sake of the world that waits to see with their eyes if what they've heard with their ears is possible.

I hope that there's a growing number of people who are willing to make it possible.

I hope that together we can spur one another on to live a life of simple obedience to the words of Jesus.

Welcome to the underground.


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