Wednesday, December 21, 2005

[subversive underground] SWEPT CLEAN

[orginally sent Nov. 26, 2005 to the subversive underground subscribers]

Hey there,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

We celebrated with our usual "misfit" crew made up of friends who, like us, have no family nearby and need a place to spend the holiday.

It was so great to have our new house filled with people, friends and adopted family. Now it's beginning to feel like "home" around here.

I spent about five hours yesterday with my brother, Lito working on the new Soul Survivor "AWAKEN '06" website launch. It's nearly done...take a peek here if you're interested:

Today I drove back down to the empty storage unit in Tustin and swept it out. In the silence of the moment I began to reflect a bit more about how all that I own can squeeze into a 12 x 20 cubic space. Yet, my life is so much more than this. "Isn't life more than food and clothing?" - Jesus asks in Matthew 6:25.

Good question.

And the answer is that, yes, life is so much more than food, or clothing, or belongings.

I know that our family is rich in all the things that really matter...and even in a few areas that really don't.

God has taken us through a difficult time, and I'm thankful to Him...not only for getting us out of the valley, but even for the decision to take us through it in the first place.

We would never choose on our own to take a walk of faith. We all prefer the safety and comfort of life to the testing, trial and unanswered questions. That is why God chooses to take us down the path of uncertainty, because He knows we need to learn to walk by faith.

So...the lock in my pocket and the broom in my hand, I walk back to the old Saturn and start the engine.

Our old life now officially swept clean and closed shut, I leave slot number 578 for the next customer of life.

I need an oil change. Can't forget to run by the ATM machine and make a deposit before I nose the car back towards the city of Orange and into the new adventure God has lead us into.

Tonight we cook s'mores over a firepit with friends and share a pizza.

If you're curious, I've got two new articles published online now.

First is at SEED STORIES, a new site by The Ooze for church-planters and emerging network leaders.

It's here:

The other is online at RELEVANT Magazine here:

Granted, avid readers of my blog will recognize these two articles, but if you haven't read it before, it's new to you!

"Faith and Wealth" by Justo L. Gonzalez
"The Church Comes Home" by Robert & Julia Banks

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